• Frequently Asked Questions

We have the capacity to start works quickly if required. We aim to start new works in around 3 weeks from quote acceptance, but can be quicker if there is an emergency etc. We certainly won’t keep you hanging around for months waiting to have your work done.

Yes we are. As with any successful, established firm we have to be.

We do this all the time. Our clients in particular have problems with the many 1930’s artificial stone bungalows. Their main problem is that many of the longer “stone” pieces are reinforced internally with ferrous reinforcing rods. Over time these iron rods rust, expand and ultimately burst open the masonry. It is ironic that the system used to strengthen the masonry is the very thing that destroys it.

We have vast experience in fixing these types of buildings.

Yes. You will get an assortment of paperwork from us as we progress. Firstly, you will get a written fixed price quotation from us. If you accept the quote we will send you confirmation and a start date etc. Upon completion of work you will receive an invoice from us requesting payment.

Upon receipt of all cleared funds you will receive your receipt for payment, along with your guarantee. We suggest you keep these for your records.

No, there is no charge for quotes, advice or our surveyors time. We are happy to help, and are always at your service.

Absolutely. We have comprehensive insurances to protect our employees, employers liability insurance, public liability insurance and contractors all risk insurance as well as others protecting you from accidental damage to your property etc.

Yes. Over the years we have accumulated a good number of quality contacts that as our client you will have access to. For example, we regularly work with a great blacksmith we have used for years, a tarmacadam contractor we use for dropping kerbs etc., and a very experienced bricklayer we use for concrete blockwork etc.

We also have great contacts for regular trades such as electricians, plumbers, roofers, joiners, tilers, plasterers. Just ask, and we will be happy to put you in touch.

We ask for payment by internet banking faster payment. This system ensures the money is in our account within 2 hours. We can also take a cheque if it is more convenient for you.

Payment is due immediately upon completion of the work to your complete satisfaction. On larger works we will discuss and agree a stage payment arrangement suitable for us both.

James Allan Stonemasons (Edinburgh) are very careful to leave your garden the way we found it as a minimum. We cover all grass areas in our work vicinity. We lift all debris from planted areas etc. We are extremely careful around plants and shrubs. We thoroughly clean all pavements and paths.

We always ensure that there is absolutely no sign of us ever having been there other than your greatly enhanced stonework. This is our promise to you.

Yes of course. We issue guarantees of up to 25 years depending on the type of work carried out. We will give you your written guarantee within 7 days of full payment of your account with us. A guarantee we 100%, absolutely unconditionally promise to honour if there is a problem that develops. 

Our work is expected to last for multiples of the time the work is guaranteed by us. The reason we cut it shorter is because of the uncertainty of future weather. If we were to experience a week of minus 15 degrees nights at some point for example, this could potentially cause problems even with perfectly executed lime works.

Our policy is to issue a robust, sensible guarantee that we will be honoured no matter what. Every stonemasonry company will give you a guarantee if you ask them for one, but only a quality company with quality management and a top quality, hard earned reputation to protect will honour this.

We have never to date had to carry out remedial work under guarantee, such is the quality of our work.

Free trial before you commit

Free Professional stonework repair advice

James Allan Stonemasons Edinburgh will always advise you on the correct stone restoration, repair or replacement strategy for your particular building.

We have the facility whereby we can carry out a sample stone repair in Edinburgh, Midlothian or Borders, etc., for you to see before you commit to larger works.