Stone Cleaning Edinburgh

We have every conceivable piece of equipment and skills for cleaning stone and brick. Paint removal from stone, sympathetic period building cleaning, graffiti removal, all manner of algae and lichen removed. The right tools for the right job every time.

Professional cleaning of stone, brick, concrete and paving

James Allan Stonemasons (Edinburgh) can carry out the effective, safe cleaning of all types of masonry including natural stone, brickwork, artificial concrete stone and paving etc.

We have many types of equipment and methods at our disposal including Doff low pressure steam cleaning, wet media blasting with our incredible Quill Falcon machine. We have dry sandblasting equipment which can sometimes be appropriate. We have high pressure cold and wet washers. We have huge experience in chemical cleaning and paint removal.

To summarise, we have the right tools for the right job.

So what can we do for you? While our speciality will always be stone cleaning, we can also carry out brick cleaning, concrete cleaning as well as driveway and patio cleaning. We can remove paint and graffiti from any surface. In a nutshell, if its masonry we can clean it as well as restore it.

  • Cleaning of period stone buildings.
  • Paint removal from stone. 100% removal.
  • Graffiti removed.
  • Paths and patios cleaned.
  • Artificial stone buildings cleaned.
  • Stone basements cleaned.
  • DOFF stone cleaning.
  • Wet media blasting.
  • Full stone, brick and concrete cleaning options.

DOFF Cleaning Of Sandstone Slabs

Paint Removal From Edinburgh Basement

Graffiti Removal

Free trial before you commit

Free Professional stonework repair advice

James Allan Stonemasons Edinburgh will always advise you on the correct stone restoration, repair or replacement strategy for your particular building.

We have the facility whereby we can carry out a sample stone repair in Edinburgh, Midlothian or Borders, etc., for you to see before you commit to larger works.