Wall Repairs Edinburgh

Over 30 years experience repairing stone walls in and around Edinburgh.

Whether your walls need a full rebuild or some lime pointing work, we are the best in the business.


Over time your stone wall will require repairs due to weathering, failed pointing, settlement or collision damage etc. This is just part of its ordinary life cycle.

We have over 30 years experience in repairing these beautiful structures. Most tired walls require some combination of stone building work, stone replacement / repair or lime pointing. We are experts in all of these skills.

Being big on conservation, we will always look to save a wall rather than knocking it down and replacing / rebuilding, but can do this if required.

Our Customer Promises:

  • If It’s Stone We Can Definitely Help You
  • Quotations Within 48 Hours Of Survey. Every Time.
  • We Prioritise Urgent and Emergency Work.
  • Quickest Turnarounds In The Business. If You Need It Done Quickly, Call Us first.
  • All Our Work Is Subject To A 10 Point Quality Check When Complete.
  • Guarantees Up To 25 Years

Replace your eroded stone

When a stone is too eroded or damaged, we have no option other than to replace it. This being the case, we will supply, dress/shape and then rebuild the damaged stone using a durable lime mortar.

When an eroded or damaged stone piece is structural, that is it carries a lot of weight, we may elect to replace instead of repair to ensure strength and structural integrity. We will of course advise you on this.

Once the new sandstone piece is in place, you will have a permanent, beautifully finished stone repair.

Re-point your wall using lime mortar

It may be the case that your wall only requires repointing work. Our experienced stonemasons carry out 1000’s of square metres of lime pointing each and every year. To say we have experience is an understatement.

Repointing is carried out by removing the old mortar, thoroughly cleaning out the joints and beds using water and hose, applying the lime mortar and finally brushing down to a fine finish.

Upon completion, the new lime pointing will greatly enhance the beauty and strength of your wall.

Completely Re-build your wall

In extreme cases, we may have no options other than to rebuild your wall. This will always be a last resort. As a masonry conservation company first and foremost, we will always do what we can to save the wall.

If we have no other options, we will carefully dismantle the wall, clean the old mortar off the masonry and set aside the stone to be rebuilt. We then rebuild the wall exactly as it was using a durable lime mortar.

Your wall will now look amazing as well as being fit for another century of our lovely Scottish weather.

These Are Before and After Pictures Of Our Wall Repair Work In Edinburgh

Free trial before you commit

Free Professional stone wall repair advice

James Allan Stonemasons Edinburgh will always advise you on the correct stone restoration, repair or replacement strategy for your particular building.

We have the facility whereby we can carry out a sample stone repair in Edinburgh, Midlothian or Borders, etc., for you to see before you commit to larger works.