Stone Repairs Edinburgh

Much of the relatively soft Edinburgh sandstone is unfortunately coming to the end of its life, but don’t worry, there are stone repair solutions.

Please get in touch and let our friendly, expert surveyors advise you about simple repairs or full stone replacements.

How our stone restoration services bring your old stonework back to life

When your old stonework is looking tired and weathered from years of exposure, it’s time to breathe life back into your existing prestigious homes’ stone. We’ve designed our Edinburgh stone restoration and repair services to give you a guaranteed stone repair solution and a tidy finish.

We can offer you three effective methods for restoring your stonework:

  • Full Stone Replacement.
  • Part Indenting of Individual Stone Pieces.
  • Lithomex Stone Repairs.

The first two restorative methods are about replacing stone with stone. The third is about rebuilding your stone using a lime-based colour-matched repair mortar named Lithomex. We can combine all 3 stone restoration methods on any one building or structure.

All our stone repair methods give excellent long lasting results.

Our Customer Promises:

  • If It’s Stone We Can Definitely Help You
  • Quotations Within 48 Hours Of Survey. Every Time.
  • We Prioritise Urgent and Emergency Work.
  • Quickest Turnarounds In The Business. If You Need It Done Quickly, Call Us first.
  • All Our Work Is Subject To A 10 Point Quality Check When Complete.
  • Guarantees Up To 25 Years

Full Stone Replacement

Full stone replacement is where a defective stone piece, such as a window cill or lintol, is cut out and discarded.  A brand new sandstone piece is shaped to match the existing piece and fitted in its place.

This is a premium repair and the most expensive. However, this type of repair will last at least a century. We can replace any type of stone using this method.  From a small flat stone piece to an intricately carved piece and everything in between.

It is normally recommended that any eroded structural stones, such as lintols and mullions, are replaced rather than restored.  We will of course advise you on the best method for your particular building.

Part Indenting

Part indenting is where we replace a missing or badly eroded part of an individual stone with another piece of stone. We choose the new piece to match exactly the existing stones’ colour and texture for a seamless finish.

Our part indenting process is to:

  • Cut out the defective part of your stone
  • Replace with a new piece of stone, fixed in place using an epoxy resin-type adhesive
  • Dress to match the existing stone

The result is a natural finish that fits flawlessly back into your existing stonework. Part indenting of masonry is a less expensive stone repair than a full stone replacement, but normally more expensive than a Lithomex repair.

But as we are replacing stone with stone, there is no doubt that it is a quality repair.

Lithomex Stone Repairs

Lithomex stone repair is where we use a colour matched lime-based mortar instead of a piece of stone to mend your old stonemasonry saving you time and money. We mould the lithomex to rebuild your broken stone toward a perfect finish.

Our Lithomex repair process is to:

  • Cut away the defective or eroded stone area.
  • Apply carefully colour matched lithomex lime mortar to form required stone profile.
  • Rub down the almost dry lime mortar using abrasive pads to replicate the stone profile perfectly.
  • Repoint the new repair with matching lime mortar as if it were a stone piece.

The result is a perfect stone repair finish that impeccably restores your old stone with an authentic look for a fraction of the cost of part indenting or full replacement.

Free trial before you commit

Free Professional stonework repair advice

James Allan Stonemasons Edinburgh will always advise you on the correct stone restoration, repair or replacement strategy for your particular building.

We have the facility whereby we can carry out a sample stone repair in Edinburgh, Midlothian or Borders, etc., for you to see before you commit to larger works.